The First Step to Success – Be Simple

We all once dreamed of, or are currently dreaming of success in our lives. And of course, the standards of success differ from person to person. Some perceive success as a family-oriented life without worries of making payments while others covet the life of Mark Zuckerberg, who became the CEO of the massive corporation or want that of Beyonce who is being loved by millions of people. The life goes on as we are running towards the life goals that we had set respectively.

There is one common phrase we can find in numerous self-help books and the autobiography; Be Simple. They would say if you are thinking too much, accumulating more mind-clutters without actual actions taken to reach your life goal, you cannot succeed and accomplish your goal.

Another key element to success they highlight is the power of initiative. However, those who think too much with lots of mind bottled up, cannot take their thoughts into the actions. For example, you are hungry now. In order to resolve your hunger, all you need to do is either to cook or heat up your food to eat. Simply said, the result comes along when there are some actions taken. However, when you tend to think too much and be lazy, you might end up wasting your time on contemplating what to eat and how to cook them, etc.

For another example, let’s suppose you are out of jobs and in a desperate need of money. Instead of lamenting about the situation and getting depressed, you just need to take some initiative- searching jobs online, driving the recruiting sites to apply jobs, or looking through the classifieds.

We must practice on vacating and your thoughts and minds to build the power of initiative; this is the most crucial activity we need to learn and practice. And the meditation can bridge you one step closer to your life goal by cleansing your mind. When your mind is cleansed, you can regain the positive drive and powerful initiative.

We know the positive mindset and powerful initiative can lead you to the successful life; but we also know that it is easier to be said than done. Successful people are more diligent than anyone else, take their initiative, and stay away from frustrations. and most importantly, they have positive mind while negative people only doubt and worry- there is no going forward for them.

Our life is short. We all deserve to have a good life for whatever you think of that is. Just like we have to empty the trash can when it is full, we need to do the same thing for our mind. If you think you are thinking too much and lacking of initiative, you should practice to empty your mind. Only when your mind become the mind of Universe, the origin, you are truly able to take things into action and create the results.

We go to a gym to train our body; we must train our mind and meditate at the meditation centers nearby.

Because your life is precious.

Excerpt from Teacher Woo Myung’s book <The Book Of Wisdom>

Q: What can one do to reach the goals that he has set for himself?

A: Goal is a target. Above all, one must act in a way that is in accordance to the goals. The main reason people do not reach their goals is they lack action. Lacking action means that they are without movement, and movement is sacrifice. Sacrifice is gathering other’s power.

To achieve a goal, one should use other’s power. This power comes from his actions and sacrifices. It is possible to exceed one’s goals when there is action, but without action, a goal can never be reached and remains as a dream.

The fundamental reason people are not able to reach their goals is they are without action and have a self; their bodies are too precious so they are unable to put in the action to reach their goals. In any case, the easiest way to reach a goal is through action.

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