How to find inner peace

To change one’s thoughts, they must first know where those thoughts are coming from. Only then is it possible to change their thoughts. The place from which the thoughts come from is their mind – their mind that is the habits they were born with and the life lived until now, which is their karma. Their mind is the result of the stored memories from their life lived. This is where each individual’s thoughts, which are their own fixed conceptions, customs, and habits, stem from.

If you throw this mind away, your thoughts will disappear. Only when you eliminate the root of your thoughts, will your thoughts change.

To change your life eternally, you have to throw away the karma (life lived), habits and body. After your mind returns to the place that existed before you were born, and you are born again as a true person, your present life will change. And you can gain inner peace, which is great freedom. You can also live eternally once the false self becomes Truth.

You can achieve human completion while living and be born again and live in the true world. You can escape from the self, which is a false existence. Once you throw away the false self and become Truth, you can live without unresolved questions, doubts, suffering or burden.

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