Nature’s Flow

Nature’s flow is the life of great nature and the life of the universe. It is also the life of a person who has become Truth. People are incomplete because they live inside their own mind world, which overlaps the world. The self-made mind world is an illusion that does not exist, but because people live inside of it, people dream false dreams, do false deeds and then end up dying in the false world.

When people dream, they cannot change the dream even if it is a nightmare and have no choice but to keep dreaming it. Likewise, living in one’s mind world is the same. Living in the mind is like living in a story of a dream, so one’s life is not of nature’s flow and they can only live according to what is in their mind. To live a life of nature’s flow, a person must discard their self-centered false human mind. Then their life will naturally become a life of nature’s flow.

A person can enlighten vastly and escape from one’s false mind world when a person discards their remembered thoughts of the life lived, habits, and body. Then a person becomes a true person, who knows all the principles of the world, becomes Truth, and will not die.

When you discard your false mind and become Truth, you will know all the ways of the world and can live a life of nature’s flow. The meditation of discarding the false mind is needed.

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