What is love? – True meaning of love

What is love? True love is without any personal desire or greed. It is the mind of the origin, mind of the Soul and Spirit that accepts. The mind which truly has no mind of expectation toward the other person is true love. In the human mind, for all the people in this world, there is no one who loves me, and there is no one who likes me either. It is from their own greed and desire that they say they love me and like me. As I studied here, I was told to only discard and eliminate myself who is false. After eliminating myself the false became true. Then, I could know all the ways of the world, and how to live forever. I now have Truth within my mind, and I have come to realize that the land of Truth exists within my mind.

The study that is done here is to discard the false human mind and to become the universe mind which is true. People live with the curiosities, unresolved questions, and doubts that come from the human mind, and they also live with suffering and burden. For people to not have the curiosities, unresolved questions, doubts, suffering, and burden, they should discard the false human mind and become the true mind. This is a place where people do the study of being reborn in the land of Truth and living eternally.

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