What is the Purpose of Life?

The reason and purpose why people are born into this world is to discard the self, which is false, become real, and live forever in the land of Truth – this will be the most valuable thing in life. There would be no meaning or purpose to life if we were to just live like this and die. People who are living in the mind world that is false live with unresolved questions, doubts, hardships, and burdens because they do not know anything. But if they cast off this falseness, they will know all the ways of the world, have no questions, doubts, pain, or burden, and can also live eternally by being born in the land of Truth. Enlightenment is what you come to realize as much as you have discarded the falseness and gone to Truth, and as much as your mind has become clean. The purpose of mankind is to achieve it all and to be born and live in the world where there is no death.

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