How can we achieve life goals?

Sophie Hwang, former Project manager of developing S/W system What is your goal in life? Did you achieve your goal quickly? If you did, you would be living a successful life. We want to live a successful life. We set new goals in the new year. “I will get a promotion this year. I will switch… View Article

What should I do to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

Sophie Hwang, former Project manager of developing S/W system We feel lonely even if countless people surround us. We often think, “I’m alone,” “I have no one to talk to openly,” “I’m afraid and anxious to be alone,” and “I want someone next to me.” What we sometimes pursue and value – status, wealth, success, and… View Article

How has meditation changed your life?

Ellen Park Lived in Gaborone, Botswana Here are some changes that I had through meditation 🌱 -Become precise and clear. Before There were so many unnecessary thoughts. It made it difficult to reach a conclusion and get to the point. But now, the more I let go of my mind, I could gain wisdom. So it… View Article

What are the top five best lessons you’ve learned from marriage?

Cerina Lim, studied Nursing 1. You should not carry any expectations. If you have a lot of expectations, and the other person doesn’t meet those expectations, you will get angry. But if you don’t have those expectations in the first place, then there will be no disappointment either. 2. If you end a relationship because your… View Article

What are some of the best life tips?

Donna Seo, Mother of two sons, Youth meditation instructor As a 47-year-old housewife, I write because I want to share my experiences with those who read this. Of all the things I’ve tried to live a good life, I’m going to tell you about one that worked the most and produced the best results. That’s meditation. These days,… View Article

How to Overcome Guilt and Regret

Many people live thinking that only breaking The Ten Commandments or breaking the law is a sin for people. While those are also sins, sin is living in one’s false mind world. This is because a person is living in one’s own mind world that overlaps the world. Once you throw away the false human… View Article

What is the Purpose of Life?

The reason and purpose why people are born into this world is to discard the self, which is false, become real, and live forever in the land of Truth – this will be the most valuable thing in life. There would be no meaning or purpose to life if we were to just live like… View Article

Nature’s Flow

Nature’s flow is the life of great nature and the life of the universe. It is also the life of a person who has become Truth. People are incomplete because they live inside their own mind world, which overlaps the world. The self-made mind world is an illusion that does not exist, but because people… View Article

What is love? – True meaning of love

What is love? True love is without any personal desire or greed. It is the mind of the origin, mind of the Soul and Spirit that accepts. The mind which truly has no mind of expectation toward the other person is true love. In the human mind, for all the people in this world, there… View Article

How to control and master your emotions

As we are celebrating mental health awareness, it is also important to recognize our emotional wellness. We are still navigating through a worldwide crisis that has changed the way we live and manage life. As a result, our emotions have become unpredictable, and these challenges have taken a toll on our emotional beings. Currently, we… View Article

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