Grateful Friday Meditation Retreat

Nurture Gratitude within with A Meditation Retreat : Meditation, Stretching and Music performance Friday, November 27, 2020 2pm-5pm EST Price $49 RSVP:

Saying Goodbye To Insomnia And Digestive Issues

Posted by Meditation USA on June 30, 2020 Jeong-a Lee/ full-time employee Back in 1999, my father had a stroke. As a result, I had no choice but to support my family financially. I was running my own piano school at the time. From that point on, I could barely sleep at night because of all the… View Article

Finding Hope Within : Special Event-Meditate with President of Brooklyn Borough Boston Meditation

A special meditation event with Borough President Eric Adams to cultivate peace, inner strength, and the clarity needed to build a better world. We, as a country, stand at a crossroads: looking back at the path worn down by separation, and forward at the yet-uncharted trail to a brighter future, where we acknowledge one another… View Article

Online Meditation Events

Finding Hope Within As we navigate through this unprecedented global crisis, we invite you to a special live online meditation for hope and healing. Release fear and restore your natural state of peace, for good. Completely free and all are welcome. Let’s get through this brighter, stronger, together! Wednesday: 6pm | Saturday: 4pm Better Sleep… View Article

Meditation Benefits: Telomere Lengthening and Brain Aging

On this video, Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains the scientific benefits of meditation. More specifically, why telomeres get shorter after every time a cell replicates and how meditation activates telomerase that lengthens telomeres.

Releasing Exercise Full Edition

Did you know that illness in our body starts from not moving enough? Releasing Exercise is a dynamic stretching routine that releases energy blockages in the entire body from head to toe, making the body healthier. It relaxes your mind, which will help in your meditation. With daily and regular practice, you will actually feel… View Article

The First Step to Success – Be Simple

We all once dreamed of, or are currently dreaming of success in our lives. And of course, the standards of success differ from person to person. Some perceive success as a family-oriented life without worries of making payments while others covet the life of Mark Zuckerberg, who became the CEO of the massive corporation or… View Article

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