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Bill DeMontigny / Boston, MA

I would strongly recommend Boston meditation

I have gained immense enlightenment since my first testimonial when I finished level 1. I now feel the results after completing level 5. I can now truly say I have left my picture world behind and truly accepted it as my false human mind that I created, and not the true world, a world of no mind.

I can now quickly identify when my false picture arises and quickly discard. I no longer let my false picture pull me like a magnet into a miserable attachment. I no longer let that false picture of pain and stress control me.

I feel deep gratitude and thankfulness to the Founder for providing me the knowledge of Truth.

I am sure that I won’t feel trapped in the stressed, painful world that I created. I thank this method for providing me with the vehicle in which to discover what I was doing.

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Pauline Kramp / Boston, MA

I just passed level 3 yesterday and level 4 today, it was so fast in comparison to the other two levels. Since I’ve been starting it, I felt a lot of changes regarding my body. My breathing became much deeper and relaxed, I didn’t tensed up so easily. When I’m walking, it takes no effort and I feel so light and happy to move- before, walking long distances when I didn’t want to felt annoying and put me in a bad mood. More energy is released since I’ve been throwing away my body, I don’t feel tired that often anymore and there’s no need for naps.

Furthermore, I’m enjoying physical exercises and simple household tasks like folding laundry etc. because I don’t have that constant thinking while doing it. A very ‘good’ body part to throw away is definitely my brain, because while throwing it away, I distance myself from unnecessary thoughts and appreciate the helpers who help me discarding my false imagination of my brain (and all other body parts as well). I can confirm that I don’t feel stressed anymore when I’m standing in the traffic or having a busy day because I don’t feel that body negativity and self-centered thinking (I have to do this) anymore. 

When I was reading spiritual books about the universe before starting meditation, I could never really understand what they mean because my mind made things too complicated. After finishing Level 4, I came to realize that my imagined universe is not the true Universe but only my false mind, who again, saw the universe as a complex structure instead of seeing Universe’s simplicity.

I am very grateful for Seseungnim and the wonderful helpers, without those I could never feel so light and carefree.

Pauline 2 Pauline 1

Michael Lombardo / Boston, MA

Even with how busy my schedule has been the level two meditation has made it easier for me to realize to let things go. On an emotional level this is very important, because the relationships I threw away help me think with a more universal mind. I was able to think clearer during my crazy work schedule, and felt rewarded when I could clean up and throw away. I can’t wait to being my level three cycle, and continue to become a more complete universal mind.

Micheal 2Michael 1

Stephen Gilmore / Boston, MA

Because of my ongoing family situation over the last several years when sometimes I feel like I’m in an emotional roller coaster. When I have days when I have trouble processing my negative thoughts and emotions.

I’ve known for quite some times that I’ve been searching for a better way of dealing with my problems until I discovered the method through Boston Meditation. I’ve come to realize the importance of letting go. I’ve allowed myself to bring up my mental pictures that cause me stress and pain and allowed to cleanse my mind of my negative thoughts and emotions. After unburdening myself I feel calmer, more relaxed and more at peace with myself. I fully understand that this is an ongoing process and I need to remain patient and keep praying through this using the method clearing out the clutter from my mind.

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                                                                                                                                                                                           Sam Blehar / Boston, MA

After completing Stage One of this meditation, I can see and feel that all life is simply existing without any label or attachment.

Before coming to Boston Meditation, I would practice different meditations on Youtube or simply sit in silence, but I never had a true method to follow. My meditations prior to Boston Meditation would make me feel better, but they were not always consistent and did not feel sustainable. The method I’m learning at Boston Meditation is always consistent. Our minds hold so many stories and rules and lessons and feelings that will remain there forever if we do not throw them away properly. One cannot clean the pictures and memories of the past by simply sitting in silence, they have to work and use a strategy to get rid of these pictures. Many meditations teach people to “watch” these feelings and memories as they pass through the brain, but do not teach the meditator to throw them away. Boston Meditation taught me a perfect strategy to clean up my mind from the stress of the past.

I have always felt and known that there is more to life than what I perceive, but I never understood that I needed to get rid of the past to reveal this truth. There is always pure universe no matter where I stand, but to be able to experience it takes a lot of cleaning up.

After completing stage one, I am able to see the world from the perspective of the universe every day! It is so clear. I cannot imagine the clarity I will experience as I continue to practice this method.

I am so grateful for the founder of this meditation. The founder has created an easy method that anyone can use to clean their mind and find true happiness.

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Caroline Keith / Boston, MA

I had tried everything before coming to Boston Meditation – therapy, support groups, box-breathing, even those meditations apps – but nothing ever seemed to stick, and I always felt… lost. After my first week in level 1, someone told me I looked different – and I actually felt different! Now that I have finished level 1, I feel clearer than I have ever felt before. My head feels lighter and I feel like I can handle life better, in general. I can’t wait to see how I feel after level 2! Thank you to the founder of this meditation! ♥

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Hector Vivas / Boston, MA

For several years I was looking for a meditation information, places where to meditate, methods how to meditate, CDs, web sites, books, videos and I consulted with some people about meditation. Finally, I found this meditation method. It was good to have the opportunity to reflect on my past and throw away the false pictures that possessed me for so long. I kept throwing out, but I had so much false images in so many years of living, there was no end to it. When I threw them out, I was so happy, it was awesome!

Through this training, I am feeling that my mind has expanded and able to understand others more, I am understanding that because I held those pictures as true images, I was negative and stress-out person. Now I am becoming a positive, grateful, less judgemental and joyful human being.

This meditation method is bringing me a healthy mind and consciousness, I am feeling lighter, like a person who had a long heavy illness and is finding the cure. I am really grateful and sincerely I am appreciating what this method is bringing to me. Thank you so much!

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Evan Wagenseller / Boston, MA

When I started level 1 of this meditation, I was inspired by my desire to see Truth in the world, and to experience the universe as it is. But I knew my mind was getting in the way because I would catch myself thinking false thoughts, and sometimes I would get caught up in the past. After a few meditation sessions, I got better at stopping these false thoughts when they happened. Over time it became even easier to throw away my illusions quickly, even if I felt an emotional attachment. Now that I have finished level 1. I feel more connected with the universe mind. By making memories disappear over and over, I understand that they are just falseness, and it is now easy for me to live presently without being disturbed by my false thoughts. I am so thankful for this meditation method because it takes me through the steps that will help me live as the universe, then I can see the Truth and accept it without any troubles.

Evan 2 Evan 1


                                      Fadia AlmarzooQ / Boston, MA

I meditate daily with different kinds of meditations, but I feel that this method is stronger and the results are obvious.

I usually plan for everything in my life and get stressed if things do not go the way I planned, but now I feel that it does not matter much if things do not go the way I planned. I feel that my sleeping hours are less but I have more energy.

I like the way the method is structured and hope I continue to finish seven levels and join others that are complete.

I am grateful for the founder, Boston Meditation center and my teachers.

Love and blessings for everyone.

I continued my journey through level 2, and I am surprised of the positive changes that are happening to me. I see everyone and everything around me more beautiful and that brings me joy and peace.

What I am feeling now motivates me to continue for the next levels.

I thank my instructors and the founder of the method for their patience and support to continue my journey.