Boston Meditation Life

Bill DeMontigny / Boston, MA

I would strongly recommend Boston meditation

I have gained immense enlightenment since my first testimonial when I finished level 1. I now feel the results after completing level 5. I can now truly say I have left my picture world behind and truly accepted it as my false human mind that I created, and not the true world, a world of no mind.

I can now quickly identify when my false picture arises and quickly discard. I no longer let my false picture pull me like a magnet into a miserable attachment. I no longer let that false picture of pain and stress control me.

I feel deep gratitude and thankfulness to the Founder for providing me the knowledge of Truth.

I am sure that I won’t feel trapped in the stressed, painful world that I created. I thank this method for providing me with the vehicle in which to discover what I was doing.


Pauline Kramp / Boston, MA

I just passed level 3 yesterday and level 4 today, it was so fast in comparison to the other two levels. Since I’ve been starting it, I felt a lot of changes regarding my body. My breathing became much deeper and relaxed, I didn’t tensed up so easily. When I’m walking, it takes no effort and I feel so light and happy to move- before, walking long distances when I didn’t want to felt annoying and put me in a bad mood. More energy is released since I’ve been throwing away my body, I don’t feel tired that often anymore and there’s no need for naps.

Furthermore, I’m enjoying physical exercises and simple household tasks like folding laundry etc. because I don’t have that constant thinking while doing it. A very ‘good’ body part to throw away is definitely my brain, because while throwing it away, I distance myself from unnecessary thoughts and appreciate the helpers who help me discarding my false imagination of my brain (and all other body parts as well). I can confirm that I don’t feel stressed anymore when I’m standing in the traffic or having a busy day because I don’t feel that body negativity and self-centered thinking (I have to do this) anymore. 

When I was reading spiritual books about the universe before starting meditation, I could never really understand what they mean because my mind made things too complicated. After finishing Level 4, I came to realize that my imagined universe is not the true Universe but only my false mind, who again, saw the universe as a complex structure instead of seeing Universe’s simplicity.

I am very grateful for Seseungnim and the wonderful helpers, without those I could never feel so light and carefree.

Katie Galvin / Boston, MA  

As I progressed through this mediation, I soon learned that I was too attached to my false mind. My personal experiences and life -lived consumed me. My job and my personal life were often big sources of stress for me. Through each level of this meditation, I peeled away levels of my false-mind, allowing me to see the world for the Truth it is. This is certainly a journey, but I cannot thank the helpers enough. Learning how to abandon the falseness of my mind was quite challenging, but once I did, I found a new sense of peace. I have learned that I’m a small part of something much bigger. We all are. Thank you Boston Meditation.

Stephen Gilmore / Boston, MA

Because of my ongoing family situation over the last several years when sometimes I feel like I’m in an emotional roller coaster. When I have days when I have trouble processing my negative thoughts and emotions.

I’ve known for quite some times that I’ve been searching for a better way of dealing with my problems until I discovered the method through Boston Meditation. I’ve come to realize the importance of letting go. I’ve allowed myself to bring up my mental pictures that cause me stress and pain and allowed to cleanse my mind of my negative thoughts and emotions. After unburdening myself, I feel calmer, more relaxed and more at peace with myself. I fully understand that this is an ongoing process and I need to remain patient and keep praying through this using the method clearing out the clutter from my mind.

Jayant Singh / Boston, MA

I have been meditating at this center for last 6 months, and it has been a peaceful journey. Before starting this journey, I did not know much about where we came from, what is the meaning of life etc. Its only after going through first two levels, I realized that I have been living in a false version of the world, which we mistakingly take it to be true. Now that I have learnt the way to discard false feelings/images, I understand that all our greed and desires lead to nothing but grief. So the only way to get rid of the grief, which I can think of now is to get rid of these false images. Thanks to Boston meditation and the founder of this method.