Boston Meditation Life

Bill DeMontigny / Boston, MA


I would strongly recommend Boston meditation

I was dealing with emotions that I didn’t understand. Boston meditation gave me a method, which I didn’t have and needed to uncover the root cause of these emotions. I would be lost without this method.

I also admire the teachers of this method as they are very warm people and have a passion for their teaching. I am inspired by their constant support to meditate.

I can truly say I am on my way to discovering my true self as I continue to strive for the universal mind world free of pain and stress as I continue my exciting journey to discover what the true world of human completion truly is.

Bill D


Lawrence Scott / Boston, MA


This Meditation has changed my life

I have suffered from depression for my entire life but my entire point of view has changed. It’s been about a month since I started and can already feel the difference. My focus has improved as well as my outlook on life. I don’t know where this adventure will end but I know I am on the right path. I’m excited and look forward to the next levels of the program. The people here are great and are truly happy helping others which is extremely motivating. Everything else you have tried before hasn’t worked.

Give the method a real chance and keep an open mind and I think anyone will be surprised how fast they will feel the changes. It is an amazing feeling to truly let go of all the past and live in the present. I would strongly encourage anyone that feels lost or has tried other things that didn’t help to give it a try. If you are brave enough to walk through those doors you have all you need already to change your life. The beautiful people at Meditation center bring out the best in anyone that comes in.

Thank you for all that you do,