How can we achieve life goals?

Sophie Hwang, former Project manager of developing S/W system

What is your goal in life? Did you achieve your goal quickly? If you did, you would be living a successful life.

We want to live a successful life. We set new goals in the new year. “I will get a promotion this year. I will switch to another job where the salary is much better. I will acquire new skills. I will learn a new language.” It is not difficult to set goals. However, it is difficult to establish a viable goal, not a vague goal. In addition, detailed action plans need d to achieve workable goals. Practice to execute it is of paramount importance.

I have made and implemented goals, but many are left uncompleted. As a result of looking back and analyzing my failed experience, I think the key to achieving the plan is as follows.

The Art of Repetition

Repetition is important. However, most hate repetition. Sisyphus repeatedly had to push the stone up again with all his might that fell back into place. It seems that God punished humans who disobeyed through repetition. I hated repetition so much that I thought I would never become a teacher who had to repeat the same thing. But practice makes perfect. A few years ago, Malcolm Gladwell introduced the law of 10,000 hours in his book ‘Outliers.’ He said 10,000 hours are needed to succeed in one field. Since then, there has been controversy, but the conclusion was that it is not just repetition but a highly deliberated strategic practice. Success is the result of terrifying concentration and repeated learning.

Power of Consistency

The most important thing for success is the ability to practice constantly. It was not until later that I realized that continuous power was essential in achieving a life goal. I have so many failures, such as diaries that I wrote for a few days, books that I read a few chapters, and exercise equipment that I worked out for a few days. So, include action plans as part of daily life so that you can continue. Like you add it to the daily to-do list and use the smartphone’s reminder function to avoid forgetting. And start it easily. For example, if you devote 30 minutes to a task, it is easy to concentrate because the time is short. If you repeat it with that successful experience, you can focus and immerse yourself for a long time later. You get to taste the state of immersion. There is no success in a day.

Making It a Habit

If it continues every day, it becomes your habit. If it becomes a habit, you don’t need willpower. You get into the practice and do it without resistance. As a result of persistence, you can get tremendous outcomes. Sometimes, you may fall into a slump that seems to have stagnated without effects because growth does not rise linearly. It Jumps at once at a particular stage. The experience of success becomes the driving force to try another bigger goal.

Everything is the mind. Achieving life goals is also what the mind does. My mindset can make me successful or fail. I practice achieving my goal by making a habit, whatever it is. I hope you look back on the experience of failure and get tips to achieve success. I wish you good luck. Thank you for reading.🐞🎈♥🩰

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