Today’s Quotes

Why do we undergo trials in life? We undergo them because of our own karma. If you were to ask me how you can overcome the trials you are experiencing due to your karmic ties, I would tell that you must not afford your mind to those trials, or in other words that the trials do not exist unless you are present in them.

The Soul and Spirit of the great Universe is Truth, and this is the true mind. A person who has been resurrected as this true Soul and Spirit has a true mind. -WM-

The fundamental solution to resolve all worldly conflicts peacefully is to change people’s consciousness to the consciousness of the Truth. -WM-

He who no longer has his own self but a self that is Truth is one who has found his true self – the self that is truly his. Such a self is one that is absent of self. Such a self is one that is boundlessly at its ease, one that is perfectly free.   -WM

We must have the widest, biggest, lowest, highest, and cleanest mind without self to become the existence of the universe itself. This is the way to heaven. This existence of the universe is the only Truth there is and becoming it means becoming Truth. -WM-

Nature’s flow is to just live as water flows, without going against the laws of nature; it is living without conflicts; it is living as one without separation between you and me. -WM-

Nature, namely this world, provides us with oxygen, water, and all that we need, yet it has no mind of having given these things. -WM-

All is well, everything in the world is well. After a life of suffering and burden, tears and blame, and babbling about my worth, I have woken from the dream. All of it was a futile dream. Now that I have woken, all is well. -WM-

When man dies after living in the world, he ends up dying forever because he lives in an illusion, a world that does not exist in the real world. -WM-

There are countless heavenly bodies floating in the sky. Though they twinkle all the same, they each have different shapes. Though people are all the same, each person has a different mind according to the sort of life he has lived. But to have nothing in his mind- to have no mind- means all can become one. -WM-

Empty Sky! This emptiness simply exists without a word. Not only does it give birth to all things, but it also receives them back to itself. Thus this invisible, empty sky is the Mother. -WM-